Saturday, May 5, 2012

What Products Should I Use?

Hello Everyone!
I recently received an email from one of my beautiful clients.  She was inquiring about which products she should use and I thought I'd share my response with you all.  Remember, Each One, Teach One! So, here goes...

I meant to ask you: do you have any good recommendations for hair products I should try? Thanks!

I like products by Shae Moisture Co.  It retails at target and Walgreens. They have an entire line of hair and body products that I swear by.  I love their line of products and the owners are very nice, black women. I think that's a plus too.

I also like Carols Daughter products.  I grew up on Sebastian. Their Penetraitt and Drench shampoo and conditioner is great for moisture retention and strengthening/repair.  I also like products by The Roots.  It is another black owned company.  I know the owner.  He's a really nice black man.

Carols Daughter you can get at their store in the mall.  Their line also retails at Wilshire Beauty and Sephora.  Sebastian products retail at most beauty supplies.  I also like Biolage Matrix which retails at most beauty supplies, and Walgreens, CVS, and stores like that.  Again, Shae Moisture is my top pick. They retail at Target, as well as the Curls prouduct line. Kinky Curly is another good product line.

There's a lot of good stuff out there. It's just a matter of doing your research.  Everyone has different things going on with their hair, and as the seasons change so do your needs. I use all kinds of conditioners, curl definers, and oils, depending on what's available to me and what's best for my client at that particular moment.  I love Paul Mitchell's Tea Tree shampoo, but Trader Joe's also has a good tea tree shampoo, and I also use just tea tree oil sometimes when treating my clients hair and scalp.

I hope I haven't over-inundated you with information. 

Please give me a call if you have any more questions. Please check put my blog or on our website at Mahogany.  There's a lot of useful information there!

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